Investment fund management in the Dominican Republic

Morgane Capital, your investment fund manager

Welcome to Morgane Capital, an investment fund manager for real estate projects created by Noval Properties, the leading real estate developer in the Dominican Republic market with 20 years of experience. We offer the opportunity to invest in innovative and profitable real estate projects in the safest and most profitable market in Central America and the Caribbean with excellent advantages.

Annual profitability of more than 20%

Investment security through a Trust supervised by a bank

The possibility of investing in US Dollars

Invest in the Dominican Republic without worries

In the Dominican Republic, direct investment reached about USD 3.8 billion during 2022

We manage your financial assets

Benefits of managing your investment with Morgan Capital

Annual GDP growth of more than 5% in the last decade.

Financial system with the best credit risk indicators in Central America.

Low levels of deficit and public debt

Fiscal incentives for foreign investment

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Political stability and growing economic and social development

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If you are interested in learning more about Morgane Capital, our projects, destinations, prices, property features, and typology, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Foreign direct investment flow in the Dominican Republic has reached the historic sum of 3.8 billion USD during 2022, thus surpassing the levels of 2021 by 22.6%. With Morgane Capital, you will have the opportunity to obtain a return on investment of over 20% per year, investing in real estate projects such as:

Our fund management projects in the Dominican Republic