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Exceptional Locations,
Unmatched Lifestyles

The best destinations in your real estate in the Dominican Republic

Located on the second largest island in the insular Caribbean, a territory it shares with Haiti, the Dominican Republic has become the most coveted destination in the entire Caribbean, since in addition to its strategic location, its diversity of natural environments, its history, its culture and its impressive natural beauties; this land is recognized by all for the quality of its people, their kindness makes them the best hosts in the world.

The Dominican Republic is located in the heart of the Caribbean with an area of 49,967 km2 and a population of 10.455 million inhabitants, which in 2020 registered a GDP per capita of USD $7,530. Thanks to its political stability and its large investments in infrastructure, it has become the fastest growing economy in Latin America and the most coveted tourist destination in the entire Caribbean region.

There is no better place than the beach, the mountains or the river to enjoy a lilting merengue and taste a rich Creole menu, two hallmarks of its culture. In addition, its extensive geography allows activities such as hiking and tourist adventures in its magnificent natural parks.

At Noval Properties we continuously explore the best places in the Dominican Republic

Exclusive Communities

Cana Bay and Cocotal stand out as two dazzling and exclusive communities in the lush region of Bavaro, Punta Cana. These residential gems offer an enviable lifestyle amidst the natural beauty and crystal-clear beaches of the Caribbean.

Cana Bay is distinguished by its world-class golf course, panoramic ocean views, and a range of luxurious properties ranging from elegant condos to majestic villas. Meanwhile, Cocotal stands as a tropical paradise with its own golf course and a wide range of residences that capture the essence of Caribbean living with a touch of sophistication. Both communities provide a tranquil and exclusive environment, where elegance and comfort blend with the serenity of the surroundings, offering residents a unique living experience in one of the most stunning areas of the Dominican Republic.

Noval Properties, your real estate agency and promoter in the Dominican Republic

At Noval Properties, we are the leading real estate agency in the Dominican Republic thanks to our experience and exclusive focus on the Caribbean country. We not only offer you the best real estate projects to live in or invest, but our team is always available to help you make the best real estate decisions.

If you are looking for a tourist destination to live in and want to enjoy an exclusive environment, Noval Properties has the best promotions in the most popular areas of the Dominican Republic.

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Exceptional Locations, Unmatched Lifestyles

Thanks to its strategic location, the weather in the Dominican Republic is tropical warm, which represents a steady temperature throughout the seasons of the year, with a temperature range between 73.4°F to 86°F.

Su buen clima de negocios: Según el informe del Banco Central “Doing Business” la República Dominicana ocupa el puesto 93 en hacer negocios en el territorio. Amplia Economía, Estabilidad Política y Macroeconómica.

The Dominican Republic, has ascended in the life expectancy listing of 192 countries, from position number 95 in 2019 to 90 position in 2020. This means that it occupies a place in the median of the life expectancy ranking.

In the Dominican Republic there are more than 200 beaches, most of them remain unspoiled, outlining his Caribbean and Atlantic coasts, from luminous white sand beaches on the East side to a more obscure tone sand on the Southwest side.

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