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Retire to the Dominican Republic and live like kings or queens

Retire to the Dominican Republic and live like kings or queens

Retire to the Dominican Republic and live like kings or queens

Have you dreamt about a luxury retirement lifestyle, but worry you can’t quite afford it? In the Dominican Republic, where the cost of living is low, you can live like kings or queens!

After working hard all your life, you are looking to enjoy the finer things in life – and finer weather! But why not take it to the next level and live like royalty in the affordable Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic offers many benefits for retirees who want to live like kings and queens. The first is the warm climate. As the Dominican Republic is situated in the tropics, the weather is excellent all year round. You can say goodbye to your winter shovelling – unless it is shovelling sand on the Punta Cana beach! And with over 1,000 miles of coastline to enjoy, there are plenty of opportunities to explore some picturesque beaches or to work on your tan! Or if you prefer a more active way of life, explore some excellent hiking trails, including the Cordillera Central, the Caribbean’s highest mountain peak. 

Another of the island’s biggest draws is the low cost of living. Compared to both Europe and North America, retirees can make their money go a lot further. In fact, according to numbeo.com, it is around 40% cheaper to live in the Dominican Republic than it is in the US. If you have a monthly income of around US$1,500, it will mean you can live comfortably here, especially if you buy local produce rather than imported goods. If this isn’t enough, there are additional tax benefits for retirees and homeowners. The low cost of living certainly helps in a big way for royal living to become reality. Think of all you could do with that extra money! 

An important factor in retiring to the Dominican Republic and living like kings or queens is the real estate is great value for money. Leading resort developer Noval Properties specialises in dream homes by the water or the golf course in popular Punta Cana. They are ideal for retirees as prices start at just over US$200,000. Each Noval Properties resort comes with a host of five-star leisure amenities, For instance, Ocean Bay on Bavaro Beach included pools, spas, restaurants, gyms and more. And essential facilities like stores and health providers are within easy reach.

If you want to live like royalty, it’s also important to eat like royalty too! And the Dominican Republic does not disappoint when it comes to food and drink. Unsurprisingly, the fish and seafood are some of the finest food you’ll eat here. Try it grilled over an open fire for the authentic Dominican experience. The food is not typically spicy but is extremely flavourful. There is a full range of international cuisine in local restaurants, from Italian to Spanish, Chinese to Japanese.

Dominicans enjoy a life of joy and relaxation and this is reflected in the ease of becoming a resident, with quick and easy ways to obtain a residency visa. If you can prove you have a minimum pension of US$1,500 a month, you will be able to get a residents’ visa. After two years as a permanent resident, you can then apply to become a citizen. But don’t worry if you miss your family back home. The Dominican Republic has seven international airports, including one in Punta Cana, so you can easily see family and friends in your home country.

With a growing number of ex-pat communities, breathtaking marine life, great healthcare, cable tv in English and a friendly, welcoming community of incredible people all to mention too, the country offers the life of luxury. So sit back and relax in your retirement years with all the Dominican has to give. A king and queen deserve the height of indulgence, after all! 

Noval Properties is a leading Caribbean developer with a portfolio of successful projects. For more details about affordable luxury homes for retirees, go to  or call +1 809 552 6221.