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Dominican Republic Independence Day and Carnaval

Dominican Republic Independence Day and Carnaval

Dominican Republic Independence Day

Saturday 27 February is a very special day – it’s Dominican Republic Independence Day for 2021.

The public holiday is celebrated each year on 27 February to mark independence from Haiti, which occurred in 1844.

February is also carnival season or Carnaval Dominicano, as DR citizens celebrate with Sunday Street parades in major cities and with family and friends.

Barbara Warren, Director Internal Business Noval Properties, explains, “The Independence Day and carnival celebrations reflect the nature of people in the Dominican Republic. They are colourful, friendly, and fun.

“The celebrations may well be a little different this year, but February is still a great month to be proud of all that makes up the Dominican Republic – and to take a look at the range of luxury listings from Noval Properties beside golf courses, lakes and near beaches.”

Each region in Dominican Republic often has distinct carnival costumes, masks, and characters that depict various traditions and beliefs.

Last year, Punta Cana’s carnival took place on 7 and 8 February and drew huge crowds. Due to the COVID pandemic, many street events in 2021 have been cancelled, but individual celebrations will still take place in homes, which are often decked out with national flags.

Dominican Republic Independence Day pays tribute to the leaders of the ‘La Trinitaria’ secret society, Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Matías Ramón Mella.

Among traditional dishes enjoyed on Independence Day are mangú – made from mashed plantains or green bananas topped with red pickled onions - and bacalao flaked codfish stew.

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